Don’t look up!

Please excuse this blog’s tacky new header.  I wanted something to reflect the time of year, you know – the merrymaking, the festivities of Yuletide and all that.  I know it’s rubbish but I did it in Microsoft Paint.  Have you ever tried to sketch with a mouse?    

Thing is, I don’t want to take any more pictures from Google images because I’m afraid of the copyright police.  In fact, so paranoid I am that I’ve convinced myself they’re spying on my blog and have already managed to infiltrate my dashboard.  Well they’ll pin nothing on me because all the images I use now are either snaps that I’ve taken myself using my very own camera or pictures I’ve drawn myself using my very own non-talent. 

But, if it’s a Greenie rant or a campaign plug, I have no hesitation in using a promo-pic from an appropriate NGO website.  After all, it’s for a good cause and in any case, it’s not like this is a commercial blog.  This blog is a non-profit, friendly, just-for-fun (with-the-occasional-rant) place to offload my random thoughts.

So anyway, until I can slow my kids down enough for them to draw some random Christmas scenes, the musical Santa hats will have to do.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I *love* the header!


  2. And I soooo love you MissyL.

    You always make me smile.



  3. A Santa’s hat over a clef is a header to stir our imagination, something you have lots of, Earthpal. My applause.


  4. Thank you kind sir. Always the gentleman.


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