Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Metroid wrote a comment on a post I wrote about the intolerable plight of the Bulgarian orphans.  Metroid said in effect, that despite reports of help getting to these poor children, it’s not quite the same picture on the ground. 

It’s true that when a tragic humanitarian story is exposed, the public is roused.  Emotionally affected and disturbed, we beat our breasts.  We talk to each other about it, about how shameful – dreadful it all is.  We send money.  We sign petitions demanding that our leaders do something about it.

Then we forget.  We get caught up with our own lives and the victims of the human story are forgotten.  It’s normal.  We all do it.  I blogged about the orphans and went on never to mention them again.  I was mortified watching the programme.  And utterly appalled.  It was harrowing.  But after my first reactions which were to plug a petition here and send a quick donation, I have since put the poor wretched orphans out of my mind.  Not intentionally, but we all have our lives and our families to tend to, so we simply do-our-bit and then leave the actual activism to the activists.

I have no answers.  Our leaders should certainly bear more responsibility but thank pure goodness there are people who are willing to go that bit further – volunteers who commit to worthy causes . . .  people who endlessly lobby their government . . . or tirelessly work for charities giving up their time to raise awareness, fundraise, go out there and really try to make a difference. 

It’s very sad to learn that nothing really has changed in the Bulgarian orphanges but here is a list of organisations that are actively involved with the Bulgarian orphan plight. 

Sometimes we need to keep on our toes.


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