Bali: Why Bother?

So we’re to have another few years of ongoing negotiations. How much more ‘ongoing’ can it get?  Clearly, they missed the science report.  We don’t have that time.

And what’s going to change anyway?  The US will continue to dig in its stubborn heels in order to protect its own corporate and financial interests.  Always has done and always will.  Even without Bush, America will never commit to any targets.  I really don’t know why they bothered to send any negotiators to the summit apart from not wanting to miss out on a power-fest on an exotic Pacific island.

It’s always the same, summit after summit – indirect guidelines, more redrafts, fudged decisions, stand-offs, blocks, compromises, empty promises and wild claims of major breakthrough’s being reached.  Oh and publicly-funded, week-long meetings in luxurious locations.

Be very afraid.


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