Our Tree

When our Christmas tree came, I told my kids I wanted a minimalistic look.  I told them less is more.  I wanted a tastefully decorated, chic looking tree with small twinkling lights and absolutely no tinsel. 

I didn’t want to go über trendy and have the latest fad which is the upside-down tree but I was adamant that I wanted a contempory look rather than traditional.

So, I got out the huge and crumpled box of decorations that I’ve had forever and the kids dived in.  Everything I’ve ever put on all my Christmas trees down the years was stored in that box – an array of shapes and colours including all the hand-made decorations that my kids lovingly created at school every Christmas that I can’t ever bring myself to get rid of.  There’s even a precious bauble from my own childhood that I lovingly treasure and protectively store in cotton-wool and hang on the tree every year in memory of my lovely mum who always made our Christmases so special.

Anyway, after an hour or so of gasping, ooing and aahing and laughing at all the stuff that they’d made and forgotten about, my children flung the lot of it on the tree.  Everything.  Nothing was left off.  My eldest proudly declared that  . . . we’ve always had a tacky tree and we’ve always loved it so the tack stays!  Who could argue with that? 

And the result is a hotch-potch mix of traditional, contempory, retro, tack, bling, sentimental and plain old messy.

And it looks fabulous.


5 responses to this post.

  1. How wonderful. Christmas is the elegant ornament you wanted forever and finally could afford alongside your children’s handmade school projects. It isn’t tacky at all; it’s proper.


  2. A long string of memories assembled together in the traditional tree is like a kind of living book.

    Good for you, Earthpal.


  3. Roses are red, sky is blue, you’re a better writer than me for sure, lol 😉


  4. Ours is the same, but I *banned* tinsel!


  5. Thanks folks.

    MissyL, tinsel is so old-hat now but the kids love it. 🙂


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