And the Best Ever Christmas song….

I Believe in Father Christmas ~ Greg Lake (ELP)  Listen here and enjoy.  It’s an epic.

As Christmassy as it sounds, it’s actually thought by some to be a protest song about the over-commercialism of Christmas.


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  1. Love the pic of ELP. The guy on the left with his ‘come and get me’ eyes. Such a tease…


  2. Isn’t he just. This song reminds me of so many different times/events in my life.


  3. Posted by zhisou on December 21, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    I used to like that one by Jona Louie or whatever he´s called – but it´s not a Christmas song I found out – “Stop the Cavalry”. Don´t much like it now, I don´t much like Christmas songs – though Lennon´s one was quite good and the one with the Pogues.


  4. This is good. I wanted pictures to add in my school project and the images you have posted are good. Thanks for them buddy! I guess teacher will love my project due to these images and of course the information I provided.


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