banksy2.gifBanksy is another artist with a message.  And his work tells a story.  Matt from the Coffee House introduced me to his work. 

As Christmas gifts for my two brothers-in-law, I bought copies of the book Wall and Piece by the truly brilliant aforementioned Banksy and on the back cover is the following quote . . . 

There’s no way you’re going to get a quote from us to use on your book cover

London Metropolitan Police

Tee hee.


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  1. Oink Oink! (‘Pig’ sound)

    My father-in-law has released a book. I’ll e-mail the info


  2. Looks very interesting. Have you read it?


  3. Banksy for prime minister!


  4. No, not yet. Bit too heavy for me!


  5. Can’t be any heavier than that Scottish man we currently have; the one eyed Scrooge of Presbyterian dourness who wouldn’t recognize a joke if it tickled behind the ears!


  6. As far as I can see this Banksy is an artist who wants to go by unnoticed except for his works. Something not very common these days.


  7. i like the stuff too but all you need to do is google image search ‘culture jamming’ and there is loads of fantastic stuff


  8. Jose, yes unnoticed so he doesn’t get arrested! He still manages to use agents to get his work sold. For example there was a big show in L.A. which banked Banksy 100s of 1000s of $. Brad & Angelina were reputed to have spent a 100G just on there own!

    Banksy the man is a master political artist & promoter. 🙂



  9. Hi folks.

    Yes, Bansky’s style attracts attention, perhaps only slightly inadvertently.

    Michael and Matt, thanks for the links and the pointers. I will be sure to check them out soon.


  10. Thanks for the clarification, Matt. One never knows…


  11. lol…clever n interestin quote on the backcover..i’d say!! 🙂


  12. Hi Govind. It is interesting isn’t it. And the simplest things are often the cleverest.

    Happy 2008 to you Govind . . . and beyond.


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