Favourite Things

I have been noting that some bloggers have been sharing their Best Of lists – or their Christmas Faves.  If there’s one thing I do enjoy, it’s reading or watching those Top 100 lists and end-of-year reviews

Well seeing as I can’t find the inspiration to write anything of notable worth . . . and such is my blog acclaim that I don’t even get memed anymore, I thought I’d copy the idea and write a few fav-or-itees of my own. 

But so blank is my currrent state of blog-mind that when I sat down to think about what my favourite things of this year have been, nothing at all came to mind – I simply can’t think of any one item from any category that stands out from the rest.

What’s my favourite album of this year?  I have no idea.  I haven’t took much notice. 

What’s my favourite song?  Same again. 

Favourite book?  Dunno.  All my to read books are still . . . to read. 

Favourite sportsperson?  Well I did meet Sally Gunnell this year so I suppose she is worth a mention although she’s not done anything sportily worthy this year so she doesn’t really count.

Favourite comedy?  There have been a few greats.  Mock the Week has been superb.  So has QI.

Favourite film?  Oh, yes!  Yes!  I’ve got one. Stardust.  Hang on though . . .  should it not be POTC – At World’s End?  Could I really be disloyal to the gorgeous Deppster and prefer another film?  Sure I could.  Stardust it is.

Anyway, I can’t think of any more *favourites* so I’m going to be contrary and delight you with a Worst Of list which is probably indicative of the grumpy mood I’m in.

Alas and alack, I haven’t the time right now so it will have to be compiled later. 



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  1. Posted by aresverden on December 20, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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  2. earthpal, how would you like to try the list of eights meme? I was hoping people would self select, but since you asked for a little prod, this could do the trick!


  3. Oh thanks Binds. Sometimes I need more than a prod. Sometimes, only a sharp slap across the face will do it. Lol. I will check out the list of eights meme later.

    I am so behind with Christmas this year. Can someone arrange to have it put back a couple of weeks do you think? Just this once?


  4. Through Jose Luis, my wife’s nephew who lives with us, I have come to know better the world of the psychically incapacitated. Down-syndrome institutions are my preferred favourites of the year, and I dare to anticipate they will always be.


  5. I understand what you say.. cause I am in much the similar boat.. I cant understand “Favorites” unless its something to eat and even that is too mundane.. its either Ice-cream or Chocolate :P. Have a Blessed Season! Happy New Year:).


  6. Matty, thanks for the chuckles.

    Jose, I can understand that. And you are wonderful for taking care of your nephew.

    Mysoul – hi. Thank you. Yes, some bloggers have listed their “favourites” and although some of the items on the list are quite mundane, the writers have the knack of writing about them in such a way that it makes for a very amusing and interesting read-up.

    And the Merriest wishes to you too Mysoul.


  7. To one ‘n’ all;




  8. Thanks Matt. The same to you. I love the picture.



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