Trying to catch up with all my co-bloggers at the moment is a monumental challenge.   Busy times and a fickle internet connection are hampering my efforts.  The internet connection has been up and down for the past week or two.  I seem to remember the internet behaving this way last year at this time.  It must be a serious case of Christmas internet overload.

Anyway, for the next few minutes . . . I’m on!  So what can I rant about?  I have to say, from what I’ve read of the Christian sermons across the country via the BBC news website, I’ve felt somewhat encouraged by the messages.

The Queen’s Christmas message.  Well I haven’t read the whole speech.  I rarely ever do and I never listen to it live.  I just catch the highlights on the news later (and I hear there’s even You Tube now).  I did hear mutterings about her wanting us to watch out for the vulnerable and to look out for the outsiders which is of course a message that I would always welcome and encourage.   

The Archbishop of Cantebury told us that human greed is threatening to destroy the planet.  Of course this is something we’ve known for a long time but it certainly can’t hurt to have the message repeatedly endorsed by Christian leaders because the influence they have over their followers is often powerful.  And in any case, as-they-say, every little helps. 

A Roman Catholic Cardinal spoke out in defense of immigrants and their need to search for a better life for their families, his implication being that we should welcome them rather than resent them being here.  He makes a fair point.  Maybe we should apply that wonderful human compassion that we all possess and try seeing them less as an intrusion and more of a contribution.  Let’s keep calm and rational about it rather than letting The Mail and suchlike whip up the customary hysteria about this senstive issue.

So – I’m embracing this years Christian messsages.  Does that mean I am experiencing a Road to Damascus kind of conversion?  No.  Not at all.  I can tell you in all honesty that because it’s the season of goodwill, I’m seriously suppressing A LOT OF cynicism here which I might just release at a later date if/when I’ve read the speeches in full.  But for now, I just want to welcome the warm human messages and the crucial environmental warnings.  That is the important thing.

Anyhoo, here’s hoping my blogging buddies are having the best of times this holiday. 

Until I can get online good and proper, catch up with your blogs and get myself up-to-date with the news I will bid you lot’s of happy merrymaking and plenty of much needed peaceful moments.

“And if peace is to be more than a pause in open conflict, it must be grounded in this passionate amazed reverence for others.”

         Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Cantebury


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  2. I agree with you, Earthpal, to only add that this goodwill should extend throughout the year to come and those following.


  3. Nothing changes!


  4. Thanks Jose. Yes, let’s hope that the goodwill lasts longer than the season.


  5. Thanks Matt. Superb as always.


  6. Nobody else has mentioned it that I’ve noticed, but I had an odd bug in Firefox. Even though my feed was coming in normally, it would erratically choke down to zip. Brothers Driver BRSVC01A.EXE and an old Windows Live Writer Beta were involved : Microsoft sent a fix.
    Shutting down programming for my MFC420CN fax,etc. and moving to blogging in Opera seemed to help a lot. I updated to a newer release of Windows Live Writer, but haven’t been using it.
    If any of this relates to what you’re using, it might be worth checking out.


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