Coughs and Sneezes

For the past few days we’ve all had the cold bug so the coughing and spluttering has been abundant in our house. 

Of course, my husband had it the worst – man-flu you know. 

When my husband has the need to sneeze it’s a really momentous event in our house.  There’s an exhilarating build-up to the sneeze which usually involves theatrical arms waving about and lot’s of ah-ah-ah’s which dramatically increase in volume until the epic sneeze itself is released.  And epic it is.  Very loud, very aggressive and very silly.  Sometimes, such is the importance of the sneeze and such is the need for the entire neighbourhood to be made aware, he even stands up to perform this truly amazing bodily convulsion.  

It’s ludicrous.  And for the calming down period – the post-Grand Sneeze Cool-down, we are subjected to lot’s of exclamations and some seriously extreme nose-blowing followed by much wimpering and simpering.  And it’s round about this time when I throw the cushions at him (or throw up) and walk out of the room. 

My kids think it’s hilarious.  I think there’s just no need.


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  1. Chef is *exactly* the same! :mrgreen:


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