The Sales

Did anyone go to the sales this year?  I stayed a million miles away.  I have Consumer sickness and I don’t wish to enter another shop for a million years. 

I saw a girl on the news rushing into ‘a well-known store’ at five o-clock in the morning, and it showed the same girl walking round with five or so designer handbags on each arm, queueing to pay.  What’s that all about?  When will she ever use all those?  I like nice things.  I really do.  I love girly stuff and trendy clothes but really!  There are limits.  Perhaps she is going to sell them on ebay and make a tidy profit.  Hmm, why didn’t I think of that?  Well I did say I was never any good at Monopoly.

Anyway, forget that!  This weekend, we will be here


3 responses to this post.

  1. That’s how our world has been turned into, Earthpal. People rushing to shops to buy what other people made and making for those acquisitions to be discarded for others to dispose of them and slowly sending Nature to kingdom come.

    In short: Capitalism.


  2. Lucky you taking to the hills. You’ll feel inspired on your return!

    Re sales: time you watched this little film The Story of Stuff properly EP;

    Then get inspired by the story of the city of Curitiba in Brazil;

    Almost 2008!



  3. Spot on Jose. Very dismal it all is too.

    Matty, I have a really slow connection at the moment but I will keep trying.

    Warmest wishes to you both.



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