A Country Stroll Spoiled

On New Years Day we went for a walk around our nearest favourite beauty spot and my little boy spotted a delightful little Robin.  I’m told, by way of interest, that the Robin is Britain’s national bird, voted so nearly forty years ago by the British public.  Anyway, we stopped and me laddy took some photographs but the sweet little thing was rather camera-shy and would not cooperate at all.  It was way too swift to be snapped and the best we could get was this picture below.  You can just about see the little Redbreast.

One thing that spoiled the walk was the sight of dumped rubbish on the road-side along the way  One pile was full of bottles and the other piles, and there were several more, consisted of various bits of household waste. 

We were dismayed.

We all have more rubbish than normal to dispose of at Christmastime.  I had lot’s of trash to get rid of but most of it was collected by the recycling van so it required very little effort on my part.  There’s really no excuse for dumping rubbish so irresponsibly.  It’s wrong on so many levels.  All that perfectly recyclable stuff just tossed out onto the road creating potential dangers to wildlife and causing an unsightly blur on a pretty country lane.  Disgusting!

People are saying that if our waste is to be weighed and we are to be charged for any excess then this tipping will become commonplace.  Well I say that exceeding the weight limits would and should be a rarity if people managed their waste responsibly so such unethical furtive dumping would be unnecessary.   There are five people living in our house and we can never fill our wheelie bin because we see much of our waste as being recyclable and we act accordingly.

Get it sorted!


11 responses to this post.

  1. Cute! I have a little robin who visits my garden fence most mornings at around 9-10am. If I go out to throw bread for it, the bloody crows pile in and rob the lot. Any tips?

    p.s. I don’t have a gun…


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  3. We always take a couple of bags with us on our ‘country’ walks (it’s not really country where we live on the outer suburban fringe). Recyclables go in one bag, anything dangerous like broken glass or sgarp metal goes in the other. Old mattresses have to sort themselves out 🙂

    Every little helps.


  4. MissyL, get your kids to build a scarecrow.

    Pete, old mattresses are useful for homeless people who might be wandering around the outer suburban fringe. See, you are providing a social service. 😀


  5. Wouldn’t that scare the robin away? 😐


  6. I don’t dump mattresses! The bags are for collecting other people’s stuff and taking home for proper disposal, not dumping ours 🙂


  7. MissyL, it’s a scareCROW. It scares crows, hence the name. I don’t think it will scare the Robin. Robins are said to be quite unafraid of humans and scarecrows are pretending to be humans because the crows are afraid of humans. I love you new avatar. 🙂

    Pete, I know you would never dump stuff hon. I was just teasing you. My attempts at humour are dire.

    But well done for collecting other people’s rubbish. You’ve inspired me to do the same. The next time I go walking, I will take a couple of bags too.


  8. Sorry earthpal, I told you I had a SOH bypass 🙂 As for the rubbish collecting, I always think you earn the right to moan about stuff by doing something about it, however small.


  9. Oh BTW, if you decide to take up this fascinating hobby, for God’s sake wear gloves.


  10. I love robins, they’re just so cute. I’m waiting for my little one to make an appearance at the back door!


  11. Thanks for the wise advice Pete. I will be sure to wear gloves.

    MissyL, yes they are very sweet. Love your scarevator. Hehe.


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