Monbiot article:The Kings of England

In case you’ve accepted the advise of those who wish the British public to “move on” from Iraq (those wishing us to move on being the same people who wish to remain unacountable for their crimes), you might like to read this article written by George Monbiot recently about the criminal act of the Iraq war and of what I would describe as the nonedemocracy that runs our country.

We are allowing this.

That said, a written constitution didn’t stop America.


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  1. Also Britain jumped over the Security Council’s resolutions, as did Spain with PM Aznar, and Spain also has a written Constitution. And Spanish massively demonstrated, as did British, against the war. To no avail.

    Spain, however, punished Aznar electorally for that and for the bomb attacks in Madrid which were a consequence thereof. Let us wait and see if Britain follows suit on the occasion of next elections.

    It is for that reason that people en masse should fill up polling stations during elections, as it is the only right we have not been deprived of…so far. And something politicians are very much led by. Abstention is not good for the right health of a country.


  2. You’ve been tagged!


  3. Well said Jose.


  4. Yes, Jose, well said.

    People who don’t vote have little right to grumble although I’d like to see an option on the ballot ticket that says ‘none-of-the-above’ because it’s hard to know who to vote for these days.


  5. Thanks for the tag MissyL. I’ll get on to it soon.


  6. That’s right, Earthpal. The political parties have become a tentacle of those really wielding the power.

    Perhaps people should unite and settle once and for ever what Democracy is.

    The problem is finding the catalyser.


  7. Absolutly Jose. That’s the thing . . . how to get things going.


  8. How about a free Kit Kat to all those that turn up to a rally in Trafalgar square. Then we march thousands strong to take over shops and homes along Kings Road. Most of the latter will be empty anyway as non domiciles own them. Once we’ve taken back from the rich we can get on with real peoples democracy.

    You send me the kit kats then and I’ll get started. 🙂


  9. Yay! Well done Matty!

    Viva la Revolucion!

    Now where am going to get 80,000 kit kats from?


  10. I guess a raid on a Nestle factory might be a good start. It’s based in York so a night time trip across the Pennines. 🙂 Some details including video footage links of the factory for your detailed planning here 😉 ;

    Nestle say it’s their top selling product of which they produce 107 tonnes a day! I think they could spare us a few thousand for our revolution.


  11. Thanks Matty. That info will come in very useful for my covert op. My only obstacle now will be how to get the chocolate out without eating it all myself!


  12. > without eating it all myself!

    Yes our cunning plan will no doubt fall into a heap of Kit Kat wrappers in the middle of Trafalgar square with you & I found at the bottom of it with our mucky chocolate faces!

    Back to the drawing board. 🙂


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