The Campaign to Free Fouad

The FreeFouad campaigners have asked bloggers around the world to be silent tomorrow – the 6th of January – in protest of the silencing of  Saudi blogger Fouad Alfarhan.  They are asking bloggers to remain blog-silent for the day and simply leave a Free Fouad banner on their blogs.

Fouad Alfahan was imprisoned for criticising his government on his blog which is human rights violation and of of course as a blogger I will support this campaign but it seems a bit odd to me that they want us to use silence as a protest in view of the fact that it is the silencing of an individual that they are protesting against.

I suppose silence can be powerful too.

More information here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am with you, Earthpal, we should shout out loud not keep silent.

    It’s tyranny that is controlling Saudi Arabia, the same tyranny our governments try to control us with.

    And everything has terrorism as an excuse, a terrorism that was triggered off by those leaders who backed the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.


  2. Yes Jose. Very true.

    The War on Terror has been a very useful tool for some leaders.


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