George is still trying

While everyone seems to have turned their attention to the US Primaries, George Bush is embarking on a grand tour of the Middle-East.  

I hear some say that the tour is an attempt to salvage his dire up-coming legacy . . . to try and rectify some of the damage that his disastrous foreign policy has caused.  It’s also been said that he wants to use the tour to gain international support against Iran.  And this is in spite of a recent intelligence report stating that Iran stopped its nuclear arms programme in 2003.  Apparently, Bush thinks this report actually . . . “clarifies the threat”.  Yes, I’m baffled too.

But what on earth does he really hope to achieve in the Middle East after all the grief he has caused there?  America has failed in the Middle East.  Bush has been inconsistent towards Israel and Palestine with both sides believing he wasn’t active enough on their behalf (which was never true – we all know he was always working for the Israeli’s).  And do we have to even mention Iraq and Afghanistan?

Thing is, although George Bush’s power and influence is fading, any desperate last attempts to achieve a breakthrough will simply antagonise the region again and give al-Qaeda a public platform to spout its violent agenda.  The fire of force that he tried so hard to use in order to democratise the Middle East has done nothing but fuel the existing hostilities.  He is nothing but a global liability.  He’s never going to be impeached so the best thing he could do is simply skulk off now, back under the dirty rock from whence he came.  Give it up George.  You got your oil.

As for the aforementioned US elections, I know that whatever the final outcome is, Bush will be gone and that can only be a good thing.  But it does frustrate me a touch that Bush can’t run for Presidency because we will be deprived of the immense satisfaction of seeing him lose.  Thick-skinned as he is, he will fail to take note of the huge numbers of voters that are leaving his party and his smug, arrogant face will continue to live on in blissful denial.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Bush, I am sure, will have his deserved historical punishment, Earthpal, along with others who contributed to his politics of imperial aspirations.


  2. Hope so Jose.


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