My Christmas Viewing

Titanic:  You’d think that after watching this epic movie three times, I’d be prepared for the ending and would not resort to sniffing and sobbing like a baby.  Nope.  I watched Jack and Rose become reunited on the ship for the fourth time and still I wept.

My middlie loves this film too and knows the song word-for-word which is not always a good thing, I can tell you.

Monsters Inc.:  I cry at the end of this film too (sigh).  Isn’t it funny how one can become so besotted with an animated character.  Little Boo is really cute and she has this giggle that fair tickles my tummy, so it does.  Anyway, I’m making no apologies – I just love it.

Extras Christmas special:  A brilliant sitcom but this particular show, which was actually the final, was especially superb.  The speech made by character Andy Millman at the end,  from inside the Big Brother house, was brutal but very moving.  I actually found myself cringing on behalf of Channel 4.  And any BB viewers and contestants who happened to be watching must have been squirming in their seats although I’m sure they’d never admit to it. 

“And fuck you, the makers of this show as well . . . . the Victorian freak show never went away.  Now it’s called Big Brother . . . .

. . . . and fuck you for watching this at home!  Shame on you!  And shame on me!”

The overall message, imo, was a warning that it’s just not worth selling your soul, your frendships and ultimately your dignity in search of celebrity status.

The Bourne Trilogy: After many not-so-subtle hints from my husband, I bought him this set for Christmas and we watched all three over the holiday period.  In spite of several violent punch-ups and some ludicrously manic car-chases, I really enjoyed these films.  I don’t mind admitting though that the intricate plot details left me bewildered and befuddled more than once and I think I tested hubby’s patience somewhat with my endless questioning! 

Matt Damon is excellent as Jason Bourne.

Darcey Bussell’s Grande Finale: This year the great British ballerina hung up her Royal ballet shoes and this programme was to mark her retirement from Covent Garden.  Song of the Earth – beautiful.

Top Gear:  (I hate it so much that I refuse to provide any links) My husband said if he had to sit through Titanic with me, I should return the sacrificial gesture and remain in the lounge while he watched the whole moronic programme.  And the big meanie even stopped me from throwing my wine glass at the TV.  He did allow me to throw obscenities at Clarkeson but he soon grew tired of my constant chunnering and switched channels.  Works every time. 😉

Carmen: A splendid Boxing day treat for me courtesy of the BBC.  I love this opera because it’s just so damn passionate!  And for me, watching Carmen is as important as listening to it.  Enjoy.

Oliver Twist:  The best adaptation of this Dickens classic I’ve ever seen, again thanks to the Beeb.  My little boy was intrigued from the start and insisted on watching every episode. 

I did want to watch Miss Austen Regrets but I changed my mind because a biopic film about Jane Austen could only ever be speculative and, such is my love for this author’s work, I think I would rather stick to my own perceptions. 

I watch too much TV.  I have a pile of books that are waiting to be read.


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  3. Who the heck is Tiff Crochets?


  4. I missed UK comedy,tvover Christmas and New Year (holiday) and watched very very little USA programmes,although i was hooked on a programme called ‘First 48 hours’…..superb!!!!


  5. Hi Mo, well if I was in the States visiting my daughter, I’m sure I’d have little interest in TV too.

    Hope you had a great time. Happy New Year!


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