Oh dear!

I just read that the Bishop of Rochester has warned of “no-go areas” for non-Muslims and he also had a go at multiculturalism which, as Inayat Bunglawala implies here, is rather ironic seeing as the embracing of multiculturalism was likely to have been a factor in his gaining the role of being the first UK Asian bishop.

There are certainly no-go areas in our inner-cities – areas that I would walk a million miles to avoid but I doubt there’d be many Muslims residing there waiting to menace us.

Far be it for me to deny the Bishop his right to free speech etc. but really, do we need to give the Mail and the far Right groups any more excuses to exist? 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Bishops are dangerously entering a no-go field, that of politics and trying to pit, religious-like, the ones against the others.

    Shame on those who having the main responsibility of spreading messages of peace and coexistence stir hatred instead.


  2. I think free speech is a human right but it comes with responsibility and it was grossly irresponsible of the bishop to make such inflammatory remarks.

    Yes, Jose, religious leaders ought to be following their own sermons of peace that they teach to the masses instead of stirring up racial conflicts.


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