Earth Hour: 29th March 2008

Last year, Sydney, Australia held its first Earth Hour in a stand against climate change.  Everybody who signed up agreed to switch off all their lights for one hour on a set date and time.  Even Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House got involved and switched off.

This year it’s going global and towns, cities, businesses and households alike are signing up.  As individuals, this event will take no effort.  Just get out the candles and have a lovely, candlelit evening.

For more details, click here. 


14 responses to this post.

  1. I’m in! 💡

    Mind if I link this post up to mine?


  2. […] January 8, 2008 by misslionheart Earthpal has a great post today. Go over and join in…. […]


  3. Course you can MissyL.

    Any publicity will help (not to mention helping this desperately failing blog of mine that no-one reads anymore).


  4. Hey fair dinkum sport. Those cute little Aussies come up with all the good ideas. If the world turns all its lights out those astronauts up at the international space station might freak!

    [ Btw, I’ve left a msg at your hotmail. 🙂 ]


  5. Lol @ Matty. Yes the poor astronauts would think their homeland had been vapourised before their eyes.

    Got your email thanks – and replied.


  6. I agree with you all, folks. An excellent initiative to be followed by all.

    My life is coming back to normal and I expect to catch up with your comments over the weekend. Next Monday hopefully everything will be as usual.


  7. Welcome back Jose, we missed your absence, short though it was.

    Warmest wishes.


  8. Yes welcome back into cyberspace Jose. EP, have mailed you back.


  9. Thank you, friends. Nice to be back here.


  10. Here’s a thought, why stop at just turning out the lights?
    Why not blow the main power breaker on the breaker panel instead?
    Wouldn’t that have a greater impact?


  11. Funny you should say that John Smith because at about the time you were posting your comment, we had a power cut. The whole area where I live was blacked out for about an hour.

    The kids were very excited about it all (apart from my eldest who would die without the internet). We lit some candles and played games and giggled about it all – you know, like they used to before we had so many anti-social, anti-family entertainment gadgets.


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