I’ve just been reading about Craig Murray’s belly-dancing ex-mistress and it reminded me of my Truly-Grand-Achievement at dance class last night.

We’ve been practised a Moroccan Earth dance.  It’s a wonderfully earthy and tribal sort of dance and I love it.  It’s fairly easy as far as dances go but for some clumsy, two-left-footed reason or other, I have struggled with my co-ordination on this one.  I can usually pick up the complex dances fairly quickly (being a natural and all you know) but this dance has evaded me completely. 

Well not anymore.  Last night I perfected it.  I performed it without a single mistake. Ok, I didn’t perform it onstage at the MEN arena in front of twenty-five thousand jingle-jangling Eastern dance fans but we shouldn’t let annoying little factlets get in the way of my fantasies huh.

Anyway, here’s a little taster of what belly-dancing looks like when performed by the real deal.  Yes, wow indeed!


2 responses to this post.

  1. well done earthpal.

    You must have a gorgeous midriff with all that twisting and jangling!


  2. Thanks Bindi.

    I’ve changed the video actually because this one is much more like real belly-dancing than the previous one.


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