They’re all the same!

There can’t possibly be anyone in the world left who doesn’t agree with the Anybody but Bush mantra but it seems that America and the world are willing that a Democrat should win office.

I’m not sure why.  I mean what’s the difference really?  Just like Britain’s two main political parties, the Dems and the Repubs. are pretty much two sides of the same coin.  They’re both capitalists with the bulk of their epic campaign funds coming from big businesses.  

And so when the election is concluded and the Dem candidate wins power, nothing much will change.  Those big businesses will soon be in there . . . lobbying hard on behalf of their own agenda . . . demanding their reward from the guy they backed.  So regardless of all the pre-election pledges Clinton and Obama make about universal health-care, foreign policy change or military spending and stuff like that, the corporate lobby – the arms dealers, the insurance companies, the pharmaceuticals etc. will all tighten their grip. 

With US campaign financing as it is, the US government will always be for big business. 

That’s democracy for you.


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  1. I agree with you 100%, Earthpal. No more deceptions is what the world is after.


  2. Thanks again Jose. Yes, the world is run by deceptive and corrupt human beings and as we question them and stand up to them more and more, the quicker the whole of humanity will heal.


  3. I think Bush proves that they are NOT all the same. Some are even worse.


  4. True enough Zeddie. There’s no-one as bad as Bush . . . thank the gods!

    That’s why the “Anybody but Bush” slogan is so well-used.

    But still, the dem and the repub. partis don’t have much to choose between them. They both feed from the hands of the corrupt corporate lobbyists They are both For Sale.


  5. Scary as it is you’re absolutely right. Back here in the UK Nick Clegg ‘shifts to the right’. Bloody Hell, who am I going to vote for in the next election!?


  6. Ye, I saw that. He wants schools to be freely run by parents etc. but then says they will be non-selective schools. I can really see that happening!

    Who to vote for is the big question. I’m sticking with the Greens. 😀


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