Really-Rude Pop-ups and Sticky Keyboards

I don’t know what’s happened to my computer but I have to type really hard on my keyboard these days because it keeps missing letters.  And a mighty damn nuisance it is too.  So if my posts are full of missing letters it’s because my keyboard is being silly and not because I am losing my grimmatacil skills.

And also, I am being invaded by pop-ups.  Nope, I haven’t disabled the pop-up blocker thingy.  I know it hasn’t been disabled because, to add insult to injury, all the desirable pop-ups that I want to pop up are being blocked! 

The disturbing things is that, although our child-safety settings are set at safe family-friendly levels, I’ve had some really-rude adult . . .  erm . . . pop-ups.  Course it’s not disturbing for me because I’m a grown-up and I’ve seen it all before I can just close it straight away but my kids use the computer too and the thought of my little boy and his very curious curiosity clicking onto one of those really-rude pop-up’s makes me feel rather sick.  He has joined Club Penguin and wants to play it every minute of the day.  It’s actually a very good site with safe fun for children and I can usually relax knowing he’s ok there – but not when those really-rude pop-ups are lurking in the background .

What to do?


2 responses to this post.

  1. No program can guarantee 100% popup blocking. Without knowing the details of your system, it’s a bit difficult to offer exact advice, but:
    Try using the Firefox browser rather than Internet Explorer
    Set your popup blocker to block everything, and build a filter list of sites you want to see
    Create a separate user profile for your kids, which has a stricter popup policy


  2. Thanks for that Pete. I will get right on to it before the kids come home from school. 🙂


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