Well done to Greenpeace for reaching the Japanese whalers at last.  It took six weeks to find them but it was worth the quest.  Greenpeace says it is now tailing the ship and chasing the whalers out of the hunting grounds thus sabotaging their illegal efforts to hunt and kill whales for commercial gain under the guise of scientific research.

And not only have the whalers broken international laws regarding whaling, they are now guilty of kidnap after seizing and imprisoning two other activists from the Sea Shepherd who managed to climb aboard their hunting vessel.  Now I wouldn’t want to condone illegal activities by activists but let’s face it, waving protest banners and signing petitions was never going to stop the hunt.  The two guys have raised the profile of the campaign and have brought much deserved negative publicity to the whalers.

So well done all round and let’s get those two activists freed so they can continue working for our oceans.


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  1. It’s an all inclusive task, if I may say so: land, air and sea. They are all interconnected and the laudable work of Greenpeace should be accompanied by more cooperation from land. Wastes that rivers carry to the sea, wastes that clouds absorb and then are poured as acid rain, the lot.

    And whale, that most imposing mammal, is the symbol that should lead all those efforts.


  2. Very well said Jose. These campaigners couldn’t make any progress without our support.

    I just read that the two men have been allowed off the Japanese ship and have been handed over to the Australians.

    No doubt, those two guys were trying to get as much mileage as they could from the situation and I support that. It’s a worthy cause.


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