My little boy just marched into my bedroom and started to wretch.  No prior warnings, no tummy ache or temperature at bedtime last night.  He just marched into my room and barfed.  As mothers do, my first thought was to minimise the amount of vomit on the carpet (one must prioritise) so I jumped out of bed and jet-propelled him towards the loo.  He missed.  Big-time.  And for your muchly-required information it was bright orange.  I shudder to think what the source was.  I know everything he eats because I feed him but at school they do things like swap lunches and I have a sneaky suspicion that the healthy, wholesome meals that I prepare for him every day sometimes end up in the bin in favour of the chemical-filled rubbish that one or two of his buddies bring to school. 

After cleaning him up and cleaning up the trail of puke we fell into bed only to find another pile of vomit on the duvet.  But because it had been missed and left to soak in, it had gone right through the duvet and into the mattress.

The joys of motherhood.

Me laddie is now snoozing, quite unperturbed, in his warm, clean bed and I am here, bleary-eyed, nowhere to sleep and smelling of sick.  And, taking the only opportunity I’ve had for ages to use the pc and get onto my poor, neglected blog all I can come up with is this unwanted graphic description of my pukey event.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Children are likewise the world over, mothers are unique.


  2. That’s a generous thing to say Jose. Thanks.


  3. Oh bless.There’s usually peas or corn in there!


  4. Lol. Amazingly there were no carrots.


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