Lovely Dog

The other day, I went into town and on the way back to the car I saw a dog tied to the hand rail of the stairwell.   It was a most gorgeous dog – of the Heinz57 variety I think.  Looked quite old but well kept and very sweet and very lovely.  I couldn’t tell what sex it was so please excuse me for referring to the lovely dog as it.

The dog was crying softly – for its owner I think.  It just stared anxiously towards the space at the bottom of the stairwell that it’s owner had disappeared into and whimpered, desperate for the owner to come back. 

A lady returning to her car said the dog was there when she came into town which was about a half hour ago.  Another woman went off to find a security officer but I think they were all busy dealing with an earlier incident that I was unfortunate enough to see.  Two young girls were having a fight and screaming obscenities at each other right in the middle of the mall.  Lordy me – it was diresome.  Girls are much worse than boys now.  That’s for sure. 

Anyway, the lovely dog – I didn’t want to leave it alone so I stayed and comforted it and although I think the dog was comforted by my comforting, all it really wanted was it’s owner to come back. 

Then, people got a bit silly about it all – became all judgmental and rash.  Someone said the owner was drunk and had tied it there while he went off to do some shopping.  Someone shouted that it was damn-well-criminal-to-leave-a-dog-tied-up-alone-like-that-for-so-long.  Someone else said the dog should be confiscated.  Another person said the owner should be banned from keeping dogs.

Eventually, the security people arrived.  They phoned the RSPCA and then the dog-pound.  The security man-in-charge said that if the dog is taken to the pound, they will keep it there for a week and if it doesn’t get claimed, they will have it killed put-it-to-sleep. 

The way I saw it/see it is this . . . it was clear that the dog wasn’t an abused dog.  It looked well-cared for and well-fed.  And not at all cowerish.  They usually cower don’t they, if they’re hit a lot?  Or they growl?  Lovely dog didn’t growl at all.  Not one single time.  It had the lovliest of temperaments.  It was just worried.

Ok, it’s not fair to keep dogs tied up alone like that but the dog obviously loved its owner and was anxious to be reunited with him.  And so, to take the dog away from it’s owner, who probably tends to it faithfully and lovingly for most of the time, might be doing more harm than good because the dog would be miserable and fretful and would miss it’s owner and the owner would miss his dog and the dog might even have to die.

I could be wrong.  Maybe dogs adore their owners even if they abuse them.  But I had a strong feeling that this dog wasn’t abandonded and wasn’t really uncared for or neglected.  Maybe the owner was a bit drunk and just needed to do some jobs in town but had nowhere to leave his dog.  And being drunk, maybe he took his chance but misjudged the situation.  Maybe.

I asked the security man if he wouldn’t just wait to see if the owner turned up and then ask him his story.  Give him a telling-off.  Wait a bit longer before he called the people who collect abandoned dogs and kill them if no-one takes them after seven days? 

He wouldn’t wait.  Or couldn’t.  He was doing his job.  He called the dog-catchers.  And they came and took the lovely, sad, crying dog away. 

I asked my husband if we could look after it till the owner claimed it back.  He said no.

If Lovely Dog gets killed, I will be so angry! 


8 responses to this post.

  1. It would be very unusual if this ,or any dog would be put to sleep these days especially after only seven days. Any chance you find out what happened to it?


  2. Oh I hope you’re right Mo. The security guy told me that the pound people put them to sleep after a week if no-one collects them.

    The RSPCA keep them or try to find them a home.

    I haven’t found out what happened to the dog. I keep checking my local paper but so far, no info.


  3. Dogs always pine after their owners like that.

    I find it incredible that people interfere so much in other people’s lives these days … unprompted and unnecessarily!

    Yet when a stranger’s help is needed, such as when someone is getting beaten up in the street, people turn away.

    Where’s the sense of balance?!


  4. Yes, good point Matt. We walk past people in trouble and we interfere when it’s not neccessarily needed.


  5. Earthpal–that you are a sweet and loving person is revealed by this post.

    Maybe you can relax a bit though. Don’t you think that such a fine owner as you have thought would be involved with this dog, would check with security when he sees the dog missing. Alternately, perhaps the owner would think to call the pound and redeem the pleasant dog.

    Your friend is right, though, to point to the fact that we should be quick also to help humans.

    Be well and blessed by God.

    Shirley Buxton


  6. Hi Shirley. Thanks.

    Yes, it did occur to me that the owner would investigate the whereabouts of his dog. I just thought people were a bit too hasty with their reactions which might have brought dire consequences for both the dog and it’s owner. If the dog was taken to the pound, the owner would have had to pay a substantial sum of money to get it released. If the owner was a drunk then it’s likely he might not have that kind of money, resulting in dog being put to sleep.

    I think I think too much!


  7. any update on the doggie?


  8. No hon, nothing at all. I might go into town tomorrow and ask the security people if they know what happened to it.


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