Unified voices against new runway

After yesterday’s incident of a BA plane crash-landing at Heathrow airport, it’s hard not to shudder at the thought of a new runway being built there.  Eye-witnesses said the plane barely missed nearby homes and roads so the risks of expanding the airport and increasing flights to and fro in such built-up areas around Heathrow are surely clear for all to see.

Well, it’s good to know that all four of the London Mayoral candidates are opposed to the building of the third runway.  And in a rare act of political unity, they’ve all agreed to feature in an advertisement campaign against the new runway.

The advert, partly financed by Greenpeace, is being featured in the Guardian, Times, Independent and Evening Standard.  Well, I’ll promote it here, for free.


2 responses to this post.

  1. All four, really?! But Ken opposed the abolition of the Routemaster ….


  2. Yeah, Ken sure did flip-flop on his Routemaster plans. I think he blamed it on access and safety issues. But for now he has put his face on the poster opposing the runway and there will be no denying it if he flip-flops on this one.

    We have double-deckers here – tall, thin things and I cringe when I see how fast they turn corners. I always tell my daughter not to ride upstairs on them but she just laughs at me.

    I definitely support the new, eco-Routemaster as a greener form of transport.


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