“I see the bees buzzing, collecting a little nectar here and a little nectar there. Never too much. Never a flower has complained that a bee has taken too much nectar away. Nature in balance. But this balance is tipping. Human beings go to nature and take, take, take, until all natural resources are depleted. Honey bees never do that. If I can learn that lesson of frugality and simplicity, I will be learning the art of living.”

Satish Kumar


6 responses to this post.

  1. I’m picking olives here in London. A strange twist on the climate change debate. 🙂


  2. What a great quote. Now if we’d just believe it.


  3. Matt, I wish it were the same up here where I live. Too bloody cold to grow anything!

    Helen, absolutely. If only.


  4. And it has been raining two weeks you were saying. Clear blue sky has finally arrived here this morning. Amen!


  5. Lovely Matt. Blues skies here too for a wee while but didn’t last long. Never mind – with your bright and sunny outlook, you are a ray of sunshine here. 🙂


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