“Earth Pilgrim”

Last week, I wrote here about the Indian ecologist and peace advocate Satish Kumar with details of a BBC nature programme featuring the time Satish spent walking on Dartmoor in all the seasons.  I missed it on Friday night because two silly, giggling friends of mine turned up at the door and they had wine so what could I do?  Fortunately, the programme was repeated last night at 6.10pm.  This is usually a busy time for me but I was determined to grab the whole fifty minutes for myself because I really-did-not-want-to-miss-it.  And it was utterly worth every minute.  It was so calmly uplifting and inspirational that my heart swelled and I was very moved – both by the images I saw and by the man himself. 

Once again, the BBC brought us rich and vibrant pictures of our natural world, not from faraway places, of rare and exotic creatures, but from our very own native Britain.  I was delighted to see some of see my own favourite things of nature – bluebells, heather-filled moors, fox-cubs, the little robin, dramatic skies, running streams . . . .

And all the while, the serenely lovely Satish Kumar talked us through his own spiritual journey . . . of his own harmony with the natural world, gently encouraging us to reunite . . . to reconnect with nature.  He also warned of the folly of humans trying to control nature rather than be a part of it.

This was a very tender nature programme with genuine earthly spirituality . . . and so much more.  I can’t remember feeling so contentedly moved by anything I’ve seen before. 

If you missed it, you can watch it here for the next few days.  Take the time to watch it . . . please do.  It will be time richly spent.

“Walking in nature is my prayer, my meditation and my solitude. I don’t look to the sky to find heaven. My heaven is here on Earth.

Satish Kumar


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll try to get to that link EP. I could do with sitting next to one of those lovely Highland or Cumbrian streams right now … peaceful.


  2. ‘We must become the change we want to see in the world’

    Mahatma Gandhi

    Beautiful programme EP

    I have been to Dartmoor but I now want to walk the River Dart … if possible!

    Humans have got it so wrong haven’t they. I fear humans are on a path they don’t control. All we can do I guess is follow our own. If we are lucky we pick up a few other enlightened souls along the way.


  3. I could do with sitting next to one of those lovely Highland or Cumbrian streams right now … peaceful.

    Yes, sounds wonderful. Sigh . . .

    Glad you enjoyed the programme Matt. It is beautiful. And yeah, humans have gone so wrong. Trapped in a way of life of our own making.

    Maybe all we can do is take refuge now and then in the words of an enlightened one such as Satish Kumar and try to be guided by his ethos.

    Gosh! Is that a bit deep? Lol.


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