Migrant BabyBoom?

Some things never change.  The NHS is once again under strain and under fire.  And once again, the evil, bad immigrant is taking the blame.

The media is now demonising migrant women for draining our maternity services and forcing us poor neglected British women to have our babies on the dirty streets without the due care and medical help that is so rightfully ours – not theirs!

We need some context folks.  These reports are misleading on many levels:

Most “foreign” mothers are tax-paying contributors to the public funds.  Many of them are working mothers and even those who don’t work, they still contribute to the tax system by way of the VAT they pay for purchased goods. 

The figures also don’t take into account the human element.  Many immigrant women are married/partnered to British men who have been paying into the system for years.  Should they not have children together?  Should the mother be forced to return to her country of origin to have her babies? 

Another factor affecting the figures is that the ages of immigrants entering Britain is lowering so of course more immigrant women are going to be having babies.  They’re in their birthing years.  We can’t stop nature.  And, given the fact that current trends show British women to be having less babies, it stands to reason that we will get the kind of statistics that the likes of the BNP so love to manipulate . . . stats that the Mail, the sensation-hunting media and the far-right groups will not miss a chance to exploit.  And the British public always swallow.

The big deal here that is being hidden behind this latest immigrancy-related hysteria is the gross failures of the NHS, muchly due to market forces, PFI, bureaucracy-overload and too many highly paid bad managers!   

I’m not denying that ‘benefits tourism’ exists, but it exists mostly in the minds of the xenophobes . . . and the Tories.  Fact is, this country could not manage without immigrants.  Things are changing all the time in British society . . .  communities are disintegrating, traditions are being lost, violence is increasing.  But how long are we going to keep blaming all our social ills on the poor immigrant!  Let’s look inwards. 


5 responses to this post.

  1. Hello
    Please can I quote from this blog for a feature on the Guardian website? http://www.guardian.co.uk
    Please let me know if this is OK on this email:
    Best wishes
    Sara Gaines


  2. Yes, it’s fine Sara. I’ve emailed you as requested.


  3. Hey EP, you’re now rightly famous with your very well considered views on complex subjects reaching a wider audience. Congratulations! 🙂


  4. Thank you Matty. It’s rewarding when issues close to my heart actually get out there.


  5. […] prejudice and distrust which in turn, results in the unhealthy society that we now have.  But, as I said when the media was trying to tell us that migrant mothers were forcing British mums off our […]


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