Still dismayed

Home Office defends plans to send back child asylum seekers 

I wrote about this issue almost two years ago and sadly nothing has changed.  The Home Office is going to forcibly send back lone children who are currently asking for asylum in our great and good country.

Mnay of these children are alone, afraid, powerless and dependent on the mercy of the UK.  The government’s decision to be tough will cause even more distress to a vulnerable group of people who have already suffered much trauma but our compassionately-challenged government insists on sending them back into the perilous unknown.

Let’s bear in mind that included among these child asylum-seekers are likely to be young Iraqi’s fleeing the carnage caused by our own government.  Yet this is how the BIA (Border and Immigration Agency) treats young, frightened Iraqi kids who are asking for refuge.  Shame on them!

Don’t we have the moral obligation to give these people refuge?  And don’t we have an ethical duty to protect children and prioritise their welfare?


2 responses to this post.

  1. No. Wars are meant to help big, rich corporations to be bigger and richer. Despoiling those countries from their natural resources – the only way for them to survive – is what our countries declare wars for. The oil extracted in Iraq is always welcome in our countries, its legitimate owners are never.


  2. Yes Jose, sad but correct.


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