Research my A&$%!

The Australian government has released some powerful images of the Japanese whale hunt but the Japanese officials are arguing that the Australians are using emotional propaganda to mislead the public. 

I think the pictures speak for themselves:


Australian Customs Service

Well done Australia. 


4 responses to this post.

  1. The Aussies did a blatant sneaky move on the Japanese there. The Aussie environment minister Peter Garret is an ex protest rocker/lawyer from the band Midnight Oil. He probably came up with this tricky manoeuvre. I saw him speak against nuclear warships in NZ many moons ago.


  2. Brilliant Matt. I am really liking this new Aussie administration.


  3. It seems changes are taking place Under Down for the better. About time!


  4. Yes Jose, the Aussies are well rid of that Howard person who led their country prior to the marvellous Kevin Rudd.


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