They’re MY books!

anna-n-josh040.jpgI know I’m repeating myself but I have this dirty little double standard about books.  When my kids have done with their books I pass them on or take them to the charity shop because I feel strongly that books are meant to be read over and over … shared and enjoyed by as many children as possible, however dog-eared and tatty they get.  That’s how they should be.  It’s a sign of a well-read and much-loved book.

However, when it comes to my own book collection, I am possessive and I get very uneasy when visitors rummage through my bookshelves.  And if they actually pick a book out to read the blurb, I stay very close by with my hand hovering, ready to snatch take the book off them and quickly get it back on the shelf before they say those dreaded words . . . this looks like a good book . . . that obligate me to lend it to them.  

Well this weekend my friend came to visit.  And when I saw her checking out my beloved bookshelf of course I got very edgy.  And I got even more nervous when I remembered that she’d recently joined a book club.  And I broke out into an almighty sweat when I realised that she lives in Ireland.  So when the time comes for me to reclaim my books it’s going to be difficult for me to randomly call at her house and casually ask if she’s read those books she borrowed . . . only it’s just that, erm, someone else has asked to borrow them (ok – big fat lie but it has to be done for the sake of my mental well-being). 

It’s affected me so much that last night I dreamt I had a pile of long overdue library books and I received a fine of £850!!

My (ex if she doesn’t return them by first class post) friend borrowed To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Anita and Me by Meera Syal.  Great choices I have to say but will I ever see them again?


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  1. I understand your feeling completely. Books have such a lovely feel ti them. I hate to lose even books I don’t much like.


  2. 😆 I’ll swap you for a particular favourite video of mine! 😆


  3. Helen, I love even the smell of books. And the older the book, the better.

    Hey troutie, come back. I miss you. Will go one better . . . I will send it to you on dvd.


  4. I regret I have to dissent. I appreciate so much books that once I have read them I’d be only too pleased others read them, too, not aliens of course, but my friends and relatives.

    I consider it a way to thank the books for what they have given me.


  5. You tell ‘er Jose! 😉


  6. Jose, I do lend my books out, honest I do. I just wish people would return them . . . at least my favourite ones.

    MissyL, Anna left Robots dvd in your lap top driver. Will you send it over when you send my books back – along with that picture you promised me. 😀


  7. Some of them taste good, too. LOL


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