More Tales from the Hospital Ward

My friend asked me today . . . where have all the nice people gone?  Why is everybody so bloody shallow? 

There are lots of shallow people but there are plenty of nice people too.  You just have to see them.  Today I saw a nice person.  I’ll tell you a bit about why she is nice.

She’s a patient on one of the wards that I work on.  She’s quite poorly but mobile just the same.  She’s a bit loud and not very graceful . . . kind of rough around the edges.  She has tattoos and tobacco breathe.  But she’s so very kind and helpful towards the other patients that her true beauty shines through.  It’s hard to remember she is poorly too.  There’s an elderly lady who has problems with her swallow reflex so she can’t eat or drink unaided.  This dear tattooed lady goes down to the hospital shop each day and buys her an iced lolly and holds it to her lips for her to suck in order to hydrate her and prevent her mouth from becoming dry and sore.  And then she brushes her hair and fusses over her.

She also sits with the young girl who cries for her mother and she holds her hand and makes her laugh.

And she tidies her own bed to “save the poor nurses a job“.

And she shares her chat-mags and newspapers with the other patients.

And she’s a ray of sunshine in a poorly world.


3 responses to this post.

  1. There are more nice people than we think. We just have to look out for them and make them feel they are noticed. They deserve some reward, don’t they?


  2. Jose, they do deserve accolades but it’s always the famous people that get the recognition. Still these ‘gems’ as Bindi puts it, aregenuine and don’t do it for the recognition.

    Spot on Binds.


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