Celebrating Love . . .


Roses are red,
Violets are blue…

[insert very loud sound of needle scratching across record]

Seriously, who buys into this tosh every year?  Put your hands up if you think Valentines day is nothing but an excuse for mindless and meaningless consumerism. 

What do we get?  40% increase in the price of roses.  Fleeced by restaurants and their gimmicky one-night-only ‘meal for two specials’.  Card shops empyting their shelves to make room for all the stupid cuddly toys and the ruby-red merchandise.  Everyone wants a piece of the V-cake.  I kid you not, even the banks are having a bit with their Valentines day loan specials.  Can you imagine it?  A loved-up young couple, enticed by a romantic loan for two, and five years down the line, they are throwing the pots at each other on a daily occurence due to the financial strains of debt.  And what’s all that crappery about sending a card to your husband of ten years or so and putting a giggly question-mark instead of signing it AS IF the hubby is never going to know it’s from you.  How pointless is that?

Just a min, there’s someone at the door.  Be right back.

Oh hi honey, didn’t expect you back so early.   Flowers?  For me?  They’re gorgeous!  And chocolates too?  Why thank you darling!  You’re going to cook us a romantic meal?  Lovely!  I’ll put something nice on.  Happy Valentines day to you too.  Mmwhhaa, mmwhhaa . . .

Where was I?  Oh yes, Valentine’s day.  Yes, yes,  great big rip off . . . blah, blah, but I have to go now, I’m busy. 


But seriously folks, here’s wishing you the merriest love-fest.  And don’t forget, love is not just for romantics.  We can show love in all kinds of small and loving gestures evey day . . . taking your elderly neighbour’s wheelie bin out, smiling at someone, buying the Big Issue, listening, helping, caring . . .

Remember . . . in the words of that obscure band from somewhere in Scotland . . . . love is all around:


6 responses to this post.

  1. Bah Humbug. Love is in the air! 🙂


  2. The problem is we have got to spend our money to keep others living. Perhaps a sign of love to them too. LOL.


  3. Sweet post Earthie…

    (Methinks you really got nowt from ‘im)

    I got a rose, a lovely card and a few bags of prepped veg. Whoever said the Irish weren’t rosemantic?

    Come over and see!



  4. Humbug indeed Helen. Lol. See how I criticise it then flip-flop when I am getting the goodies.

    Jose, absolutely. So where are my chocolates? 😉

    MissyL, I got nothing! Just a phone call. Ho hum. Look at ma face!! It’s a load of tosh anyway.

    The flowers up there are last years birthday pressie.


  5. *I* got a bunch from ‘im!


  6. Who’s ‘im?

    I’m being taken on a romantic weekend break – somewhere cosy and isolated.



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