“Everyone dies but No-one is Dead” ~ The Cave of the Yellow Dog

yellow-dog.gifI could go on and on about this film.  I could make many emotional references using words like values, beliefs, true nature, moving, heartwarming, funny, touching, yearnful.  I could tell you about how I fell in love with the family, the children, the country, the life . . . 

But because the film is so unobtrusive and modest, I’ll spare you the over-emotional expressions that you’ve come to know and love about me expect from me and I’ll just say is that it’s a very beautiful and spiritual film about the everyday life of a gentle and hard-working Mongolian nomad family living in uncertain times with their way of life being threatened by the ongoing and *often forced migration of other nomads to the towns and cities. 

And really, I couldn’t put it any better than Byambasuren Davaa, the director herself, so I’ll just provide a link and recommend that you read the synopsis and most importantly, the directors notes.

I watched it with my eight-year-old son and he loved it too.  He laughed at the little children and he asked a million questions regarding references to reincarnation.

*Hat tip to this post.


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  1. I’d like to see this.

    Did you ever see the TV series ‘China: Beyond the Clouds’ ? It was around way back in 1994. Here’s the promo;

    ‘A million stories unfold in Lijiang, a picturesque historic town in the mountains of southwest China. This 4-hour tale follows four local families over several years as their lives twist, turn, deepen, intermingle, and blossom. Their openness is uncharacteristically candid for rural China; a tribute to veteran documentarian Phil Agland. The universal fears and dreams of a vast continent are condensed into a tightly edited few hours of subtitled witness. So intimate is this view of Chinese life that it is close to anthropology. Highly recommended.’

    I was absolutely fascinated by this series. So open, so revealing, so sweet and so beautiful. I’d only been to China a few years before but not out into the country side. It you haven’t seen this you must, must, must! Buy, buy, buy. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the reccy Matt. I will try to get hold of the series. It sounds compelling.


  3. Posted by lulu on July 16, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    this movie was the most lamest stupidest boringingist movie of all time my mandarin teacher showed it 2 us. it was so stupid we end up ethier going to sleep or playing truth or dare im bored even writtig about it, sorry about how i said that, but its true.


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