The Great Green Leap Day

Tradition has it that each leap year on the 29th of February, women may ask their fancied-one to marry them.  And men who dare to refuse this generous offer would be made to compensate by way of a kiss or a silk gown.

Well you can scrap the proposal ritual and just give me the silk gown.  That is of course, unless you’re Johnny Depp.  If the gods of prenuptials bestowed that impossible blessing upon me, you can be sure I’ll be takin’ the kiss thank you very much. 

Anyway, the leap year tradition, like many others, has fallen by the wayside and in this age of female-awakenment, women are no longer wallflowers when it comes to bagging their man hence men being relieved of their burdensome proposal obligations.  But more often than not, couples simply drift into an engagement and then into marriage . . . and then they drift out again.

So, stuff-and-nonsense apart, if you’re wondering what to do with your extra day, there is a green leap-day initiative which calls for companies to give their staff the day off (remember, bosses do get an extra day of free labour out of their salaried staff).  But there’s a catch.  You can’t remain idle on your extra day.  You have to do something active about climate change.

The National Trust has started the initiative and is giving its staff the day off but is asking that they spend that day doing something that will reduce their carbon footprint.  Some suggestions they offer are . . . planting some vegetables, insulating the loft, creating a home compost heap, setting up/taking part in a green community project.  The Trust is encouraging other companies to do the same.  

I guess it’s tempting to be cynical and of course not all businesses will be in a position to give their workers the day off but the National Trust employs 4,800 staff and 49,000 volunteers and if a few more large companies got involved, it would have quite an impact . . . to have and to hold ~ from this day forward . . . ♥


2 responses to this post.

  1. A good initiative, indeed. I wonder whether people understand this and do their part in preserving our natural values. Too many egotists around, don’t you think so?


  2. Yes, Jose, and the egotists, ie the power elite, run the show. Despondency is tempting.


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