Question Time

I watched Question Time last night and was surprised (but I suppose I shouldn’t have been) to see that they’d switched locations at the last minute and decided to host the programme in Newcastle, the home of Northern Rock.   And they also dedicated the first two thirds of the show to the Great Northern Rock debate. 

They squeezed the death penalty and extraordinary rendition into the last twenty minutes of the show – two subjects I would have liked to have sunk my teeth into but there wasn’t enough time and after all that talk about Northern Rock I was almost asleep anyway.

But what struck me about the BBC’s choosing to give so much air-time to the NR issue was how financially-led we all are . . . how dependent capitalism is on the markets and how dependent we are on capitalism.

Is this a reflection of our values?  Our savings are threatened and suddenly global warming doesn’t matter anymore,  growing teen suicides are insignificant, we’re not that bothered that our government is breaking international law and allowing torture flights.  I know I’m being a bit dramatic and I accept that NR shareholders are/were rightly concerned about their hard-earned savings and their mortgages but get a grip.  No-one has become destitute because of this.  No-one has lost their home.  No-one is starving. No-one, as far as I can tell has actually lost their money.  The tax-payer is making sure of that.

What a money-obssessed and materialistic throwaway society we live in.  Is there not a better alternative?


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  1. Yes, Earthpal, unfortunately the world, our Western world, is ruled by money or rather by those with power enough to make money the most coveted asset.

    Sometimes I think living in India must be kind of a bliss.


  2. Me too Jose.

    For the sake of honesty, I have to say I’m not so pure and unmaterialistic myself. I benefit from the capitalist system too. But then, it’s not like we have much choice unless we literally sell all our worldly goods and totally opt out. Easier said than done. Often tempting though.


  3. Escape? Read this;

    The Guardian article is talking about these guys;

    You can join their email list as I have done. They only send an email ocassionally. They hope to get plannig permission to build a eco-community, albeit very slowly. They’re looking for volunteers once permission comes through (if ever!). Free camping and share in cooking and providing food.

    How’s that for a little alternative fun away from the supermarket weekend shop!! 🙂


  4. It looks fantastic Matt. Those little woodland houses look enchanting. I really think I could live that way without any withdrawal symptoms at all. Unfortunately I would have to leave my family behind because they would never give up their man-made comforts.

    Could I still have the internet though? 😉


  5. Yes, all green activists utilize the internet. 🙂


  6. We can as well isolate ourselves in our innermost. Money has an intrinsic value: that that serves us to eat, be clean and clad, get an education and today the use of internet that helps us much to evade from the rest of the world.

    But yes, Matt, it would be fantastic that the majority of us started by considering money as a means not as an end, this would little by little wind up destroying the capitalistic society we have, inadvertently, been pushed into.


  7. I like the look and ideas behind the communtiy in Wales but I’m personally only interested in the offer of a little camping, helping out with the building or whatever on the day and possibly learning a few things too. It’s also a part of the country I’ve not been to.

    Essentially, for now at least, I value what London has to offer, including for my kids; loads of parks and free cultural events and musuems galore! 🙂


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