A Green party newsletter I recieved yesterday brought some disturbing news that Israel is planning to launch an attack on Gaza.  According to the newsletter, reports from the Jewish press state that the Israeli Defense Minister has already approved plans to launch a full invasion of Gaza, based on “the model of the U.S. invasion of Iraq“.

Green Party Principal Speaker Derek Wall is urging the UK government to do everything they can to prevent this.  He said . . .

“An Israeli invasion on Gaza would be disastrous for Palestine, the Middle East region and the whole world. It would have no justification, and would make a situation which is already leading to huge losses of life, both Palestinian and Israeli, incalculably worse.

An invasion would lead to a full scale escalation of violence across the middle east. Radical Islamic groups like Hizbullah would undoubtedly retaliate from along the Lebanese border, and the attack would serve as the perfect recruitment drive for insurgent groups across the region.

For the sake of peace and freedom, we can only hope that the reports are untrue. International protest can have an effect, please make your voice heard for peace in the Middle East.”

So, allegedly, they want to seize control and destroy the democratically elected government.   Result – another unwanted government overthrown and a puppet regime installed.  Sounds like a routine CIA job to me.

Let’s hope indeed that the reports are untrue.  The Palestinian people have suffered enough at the hands of the US-aided Israeli government – a government that arguably often cherishes its Jewish victim status and exploits its own history in order to get away with racism, illegal occupancy, people-displacement, cruel sanctions, civilian killings and much more.  

An attack like this on Gaza will not solve the problems.  It will certainly not bring peace to the region and I shudder to think of the inevitable retaliations.   

You might like to watch this You Tube video too:


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, we must cry out our repulse for these actions, for Israel being loose to do what it likes best, for its brutal dominance of the Palestinian people, and above all for those who permit these actions and dominance: the UN, the USA, the European Union, Councils of Churches, and all individual countries that being able to take steps to stop it all do not because of reasons predominantly conditioned by commerce and selfishness.

    It is time for us to stop listening to sermons, to grandiloquent speeches that try to convince us of the suitability of these policies leading to make persons slaves in a way or another.

    It is time for us to deliver the sermons and the speeches everywhere.


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Jose. This is why I chose to highlight Dr. Walls sentiments here in this blog – for what good it will do. The blog doesn’t get much traffic but every little helps I guess. I’m also going to email the Prime Minister.


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