I’ve been tagged by the lovely Helen (thanks Helen) so here goes . . .

(actually, I think I’ve done this one before and if I remember rightly, I did it wrong so this is my chance to prove I’m not always such a twerp!)

. . .

How to play:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

A Lake Beyond the Wind by Yahya Yakhlif.

I kept trying to guess where we were heading, but I couldn’t be sure, although the scent from the orchards suggested we were moving up through some agricultural area.  We didn’t halt for a rest the way we’d done before.  Finally, the driver told me we were moving toward the Ibn Amr plain.

I will tag Misslionheart and Bindi.  

Talking of books, a couple of years ago I read a books.jpgsuperb book called The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (my short review here) and I hear that it’s been made into a movie.  Now my usual rule is that I refuse to watch the “film-of-the-book”, especially if it’s been a particularly favourite book of mine.  It’s rare that the film does the book the justice it may deserve.  I’m thinking mainly here about the most beloved Jane Austen novels which have all been adapted for TV one way or another and of those I’ve watched, I’ve always been left feeling like my own visual interpretations have been  forever lost.  But I think I’ll make an exception for this book. It’s a very touching and lovely story . . . tragic and cruel.  An important book I think.  And I have a feeling that the scenic value will be spectacularly worth it.


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  1. Hi EarthPal, Thanks for playing along. It’s always interesting to see what books others are reading. (Not that we have time for all of them.)


  2. You’re welcome Helen. I enjoyed it. I love books. I still have several to read yet.


  3. I just finished Kite Runner and will wait for the film to be released on DVD. I hate going to the cinema!

    Thanks for tagging me, I like this one…


  4. Hi earthpal! What a fun meme, count me in! Kite Runner is on my list to read. Would love to catch it at the flicks too, but not until I’ve read it. Ian McEwan’s Attonement has also recently been released as a film and I’ve been told its true to the book and a must see. I really enjoyed reading Attonement, but I may not get time to see it at the flicks before heading off to NY. Hey, maybe it’ll be on the plane (hope so).


  5. Hey Binds.

    I’ve seen Atonement. It’s truly wonderful. Take your tissues.

    New York?? I’m off to catch up with your blog.


  6. MissyL – what did you think of Kite Runner? I loved it! I also love going to the cinema. All that popcorn to mess you up.


  7. yep, its that time of year again. last year this particular conference was in Chicago, this year New York. Heading off on Good Friday!

    And thanks for the tip. I have made a note to myself to bring tissues onto the plane. xx


  8. I saw Attonement on the flight to Las Vegas (as you do) It was one of the best films I’ve seen…


  9. Atonement* …… Oink!


  10. Lucky you Binds. Tell us all about it.

    Yes, I loved it too MissyL. Oink indeed. Where’s my pig??


  11. OK. Well I plan to take along my laptop. Hopefully some blogworthy stories come out of the trip…


  12. Looking forward to reading all about it then.

    Have a safe trip.


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