Those Activists!

I had to smile when I heard that the Plane Stupid campaigners had managed to avoid any confrontation with security and hang banners from the roof of the Houses of Parliament in protest against the Heathrow expansion plans. 

Gordon Brown tried to make a witty comments when he said that decisions must be made in this house, not above it and that is a very important message to send out to protesters. 

An important message?  Is that some kind of threat?  I know that governments are scared of protests and will try any trick to thwart campaigns – and I’m also aware that a serious security breach has been made (chiefly down to failings within it has to be said).  But there has also been a serious breach of trust by our dear government and when the cause is important enough . . . and when the government is telling lies and ignoring the will of the people, then needs must.

“Any government which, on the one hand pledges to make a significant
reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020, and in the next breath gives
the green light to the greatest expansion of aviation in a generation
is guilty of either the most shameless hypocrisy, or the most
unforgivable ignorance and stupidity.”

So says Green party Principal speaker Dr. Caroline Lucas on submitting her evidence to the government’s consultation on the proposed Heathow expansion.


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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how often protesters manage to climb up the outside of parliament. I reckon banksy has infiltrated their cctv system by super-imposing a picture of a policeman frisking a little old granny.

    Deep within the Security Control room;
    ‘Anything to report Dave?’
    ‘No gov, just the same old terrorist granny up to no good again’.
    ‘Good Dave. We don’t want citizens venting their spleen now do we Dave. The MPs they voted in wouldn’t be happy to hear back from them.’
    ‘No gov. Right you are gov.’



  2. ~Off the record

    I’ve had that header for three days! 😆


  3. Tee hee Matty. Yeah those rebel grannies – they just aren’t what they used to be, that’s for sure. I blame all that cod liver oil.

    MissyL, I did notice. I just got round to making a comment.


  4. Whatever! 😉


  5. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, City, Luton, FIVE major airports in London is already too much for authorities even to contemplate the enlargement of any one of them. On the contrary either they start closing them gradually or they’d better think of moving London somewhere else. (GRIN)

    Contamination may help them for the latter option.


  6. Absolutely Jose! Well said. The expansion is a totally ludicrous decision. Our government has once again pandered to big business.


  7. Linked below from a copy of Heathrow airport’s in-house mag is a sketch showing flightpaths across London. The red circle shows the area I live. Kind of in btw 2 major paths. I see them stacking from Essex in the east & Brent in the west. They converge near my area and start the long arc across Tower Hamlets, over to south london, by river Thames and around to Heathrow.*VxiI0AGHyoLKEqSdHUyvXrweke2DDmM_/Londonflightpathscopy.jpg?width=500


  8. Oh bother the link didn’t work ….. (mutter, mutter)


  9. Thanks for trying Matt. I can imagine what you’re trying to describe.


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