Water Vole Species Safe

water-vole.jpgI was going to use the same title that the Times article used but I decided it was a bit too cheesy – even for me, so I pinched their picture instead. 

In a week when the government took the decision to allow a “limited” badger cull, it also decided to provide legal protection for the declining water vole.

From the 6th of April, the water vole will enjoy the same safety and protection as many other water-dwelling creatures such as the sea-horse and the otter.

This means there will be implications for developers wanting to build around their habitats.  Waterside developments are hugely popular and in order for builders to avoid breaking this new law, they will need to catch all the voles within their desired area and re-house them before any building work commences.  Quite how this forced relocation is not disturbing them I’m not sure but I think the new law is a responsible and welcome decision which will result in one less wonderful species being wiped out by human meddling.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am almost sure that relocation is not permitted by the law. At least most laws foresee this circumstance, loopholes to sidestep them.


  2. I’m not sure Jose. But yes, I’m sure that loopholes will be found.


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