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Thinking about the recent circulation of a picture of Barack Obama dressed in robes and a turban . . . and the fact that the Tennessee Republican Party has been using his full name (Barack Hussein Obama) at a recent press release, I wonder, do you think his opposing candidates are going for the Jewish vote?   

Whatever.  Let the dirty tricks commence.


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  1. Posted by kathryncota on February 29, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Yes. And it has been mentioned, oh yeah it was during the Academy Awards that his name rhymes with 3 of the US propagandic “enemies – “Iraq” Suddam “Hussein” “Osama” – (as in Bin Laden – who took credit for attacking us, who is not from Iraq. Why did we attack them?) I think is great, dirty or not. It would be great if someone with that sort of name would expell from office the military and monetary machine that is sitting in it right now.


  2. Hi kathryncota.

    I have to say, whenever I’ve written the name Obama, I’ve almost typed Osama. It seems the name has pretty much infiltrated our psyches.

    And yeah, why did we attack Iraq? The words oil and dollars come to mind.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I like your last sentence. That would be a kind of poetic justice. 😀


  3. A black muslim in power in the White House. Someone, somewhere ain’t going to let that happen. This is trigger happy US of A we’re talking about here.


  4. True. And is America ready for a woman President? It’s poignant, I think, that America – the land of freedom and opportunity, has never had a female leader.


  5. It seems the American idionsyncrasy has it that women are teachers of moral whereas men are to exercise the power. Women have their posts in their homes teaching their children male or female to behave correctly, something the father does not think is his duty.

    At least that’s what I read in a book published in the 1940s (The Americans) by a British author (Geoffrey Gorer) who spent some years in the US studying this subject. I am still reading the book but there are questions in it that I object to.

    It is an old book given to me by a very good friend.


  6. It has been pointed out this week that the US will see change whoever becomes the next president. Either of the Democratic candidates will obviously bring this in some way it is assumed but, McCain it is said will also signal change because he’s apparently the first republican candidate for some time that has snubbed the religious vote (thus far).

    Jose; ‘an old book given to me by a very good friend’ That does sound like a good combination.


  7. Women have their posts in their homes teaching their children male or female to behave correctly, something the father does not think is his duty

    Interesting Jose.

    Then the ironic thing is, it’s women who are responsible for the outcome of the attitude of men. If the boy grows up to believe it’s not his duty to teach his children correct behaviour, then who instilled those beliefs? The woman.

    Matt, I think McCain said that he admired Islam but would prefer a President with a solid grounding in the Christian faith.

    But yes, I think the US will see change whoever gets in, but frankly, the US administration is historically US-centric whether it’s Republican or Democratic.


  8. If McCain has said that he admires Islam then that is a revolution in itself (for a republican in this current climate).


  9. Very true Matt.


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