Dirty Nurses

Well I absolutely must come to the defense of nurses against the recent accusatory slurs made about them.  

The privileged Tory toff is wildly out of order for making such generalised statements about a profession that is already suffering from low morale.  I could throw a few sweeping statements around myself about the old pervs who sit in the House of Lords.  I wouldn’t mind betting that half of them have paid good money to have a “dirty nurse” come and serve their needs.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a healthcare worker with dirty finger nails and I have never myself, in my job, tended to a patient with dirty nails.  Nor have I talked over them as if they weren’t there.  Unfortunately, it does happen.  I’ve seen nurses do this.  And I’ve also heard them talk to patients in a condescending way, as if they were talking to children.  It’s not commonplace though.    

I’ve also seen nurses party – wildy!  I’ve been one of them!  So bloody what?  If their activities are legal what the heck has it got to do with the great Tory twit what nurses do in their own time?   

There are good and bad workers in every profession and he has no right to make such generalised accusations.  So he had a bad experience in a Bath hospital.  If he received poor hospital treatment then he has every right to complain but to judge the whole of the nursing profession on the basis of his single stay in one hospital is grossly misleading no matter how much back-peddling he’s had to do since.  And to say that those “drunken and promiscuous nurses are an accurate reflection of many young women today” is just chauvinistic twaddle.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like he’s afraid of death. 😉


  2. Perhaps this guy should look at himself on the mirror. May God keep nurses and doctors fit and healthy so that they can look after us when needed.

    This representative of the otiose class in Britain evidently advocates private health.


  3. Sorry …..evidently advocates private health service.


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