Up in Arms?

Just one or two thoughts about the RAF personnel being advised not to wear their uniforms in public because they have been receiving abuse from the public.

It seems that everybody is up-in-arms (sorry) about it and it’s comforting to know that the people can still get passionate about these hugely important affairs of globally epic proportions instead of wasting their time and efforts on the bothersome little issues such as climate change and global injustice.

To be fair, I do think it’s appalling that service personnel should be subjected to public harrassment but it’s probably been blown way out of proportion by the media.  And our servicemen and women are trained to face the worst kinds of abuses so I’m sure they can handle a few cheap insults from a bunch of street idiots. 

I suppose it does highlight the decline of respect in our society but then, the possession of a uniform doesn’t automatically signify a person deserving of respect.  Anyway, why on earth would they want to wear their uniform when they’re off-duty.  I’m not allowed to wear my uniform in public for obvious reasons of infection control but whether I am permitted to or not, I can’t wait to get the thing off when I’ve finished my shift.


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  1. Why are they being abused? Is it because they have participated and are stil participating in wars abroad?

    Because if this is the case perhaps the British public would love to have their soldiers by them in unanimity against the government.


  2. I came here for some pubic harrassment! 😆


  3. And if that’s what you want, who am I to deny you your wants?

    Hehehe. Thanks for pointing out my typo. I was truly horrified. Lol.


  4. Jose,

    Perhaps the people who gave the abuse see the soldiers as a representation of the huge mistake of the Iraq war.

    I wonder also if people think the servicemen are making an arrogant statement by wearing their uniform in public. Maybe the abusing public think they’re being deliberately antagonistic.

    I just don’t get why they’d want to wear their uniform in public. It must be to make a statement of some kind or else why would they bother to? Perhaps Maybe just think a uniform ‘pulls the girls’.


  5. The army is the “defence arm” of a country and soldiers should never get ashamed of their belonging to it in this aspect.

    I was wondering in my previous comment whether the news gave any information about “why” they were abused. In my opinion being abusive to them is not a civilised behaviour because the soldiers, generally speaking, are not to blame for the misdeeds of a government.

    The problem should be attacked at its foundation through the law, through our representatives at the legislative bodies.


  6. I think the abuse is quite likely to stem from the fact that they may have served in Iraq although no, I haven’t read any reports to confrim this. And I agree that it’s wrong to abuse them for this because as you stated, they are simply following orders.

    And absolutely Jose, a nations armed defence service personnel should never be ashamed of their job.

    I do think some of them use their uniforms wrongly.


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