Gold Medal for Most Greenwashed Games?

I almost missed this little report. 

As most people know, when the 2012 London Olympic bid was won, it was declared that the games will be the greenest ever.  The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) said at the time that the event . . .

will set new standards for the sustainable design and construction of major sports venues and infrastructure used for the games

That being so, it defies belief that Olympic chiefs are demanding a fleet of 3000+ chauffeur driven cars to take Olympic VIP’s to and from the games.  It means in effect that while Londoners are going to be banned from using their roads, the important posh folks get to be driven right through to the venues in comfort.

Well this is a staggering double-standard but I really can’t put it better than Green member, Jenny Jones when she said . . . “I am appalled that so many bigwigs will be chauffeured around on dedicated lanes when there is going to be a superb public transport service as well as a special coach service. It is against the whole spirit of the Games, which is meant to be the greenest ever.”

The organisers are being quite furtive about it and as the article informs us, London Assembly members have been told they can only see the contract if they if they cross their hearts and swear not to tell a single soul about the contents.  Well, this secrecy will simply cause distrust and speculation.

The possibility of achieving the Greenest games ever became questionable the moment it was announced that McDonald’s and Coca-Cola were going to be the main sponsors and with this latest revelation, it seems that the Olympic eco-halo is starting to slip further.


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  1. Well, it’s not really double standards. The London Olympics team has always been consistent in wanting it to be the greenest ever. The IOC is a completely different gang of buffoons, the global cabal that controls the Olympics, assesses the bids and awards the right to stage the Games. It’s highly regrettable that a contract was signed that included the official car clause. Looks as if someone didn’t read the small print.


  2. What can I comment that is not known by everybody? The situation reminds me of Orwell’s Animal
    Farm. There are some animals more equals than others.


  3. Pete, well who exactly has signed this contract with the IOC? I thought the ODA, who promised us the greenest games ever, were part of the contractual agreements. If so, then it is a double standard and I find it hard to believe they missed the car clause. I’m wondering if the IOC used it as a bargaining tool and the London team, at the risk of losing the games, quietly agreed to it.

    If the ODA were not part of the contractual agreement with the IOC then no it’s not a double standard as such. And the ODA should be supported in trying to block this ludicrous clause.

    Jose, we have to be aware of the pecking order. Know thy place, inferior one. Lol.


  4. The ODA (Olympic Delivery Authority) is the public body set up to actually build the Games environment. The British Olympic Association and Mayor Livingstone actually signed the host city contract. I suspect everyone was so overcome with euphoria they didn’t read the bit about the cars (if it was ever explicitly mentioned), or thought it wasn’t important, or thought better of mentioning it unless it upset the applecart and lost us the Games. If only!


  5. If only indeed!

    Thanks Pete. I don’t suppose we’ll get to find out. As you suggested, Ken must have missed (or disregarded) the small-print. He says he doesn’t see any justification for IOC members having chauffeur-driven transport and will raise the issue with their President.

    Tut, sigh.


  6. It could be worse. At the Athens Games, each bigwig was not only chauffeured about in his/her own limo, but was followed by bodyguards in a separate vehicle.


  7. Yes, I saw something about that when I was trying to find more information about the contract etc..

    What on earth could they be in danger of that would justify bodyguards in seperate vehicles. Sheesh! Do they have delusions of royalty perhaps? Crazy!


  8. It might have been a local security decision by the Greek government, rather than the IOC. Athens is a lot closer than London to some violence hotspots like Palestine, Iraq etc, and they have their own internal problems too. This from Wikipedia:
    “Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, concerns about terrorism were much higher. Greece increased the budget for security at the Olympics to €970 million (US$1.2 billion). Approximately 70,000 police officers patrolled Athens and the Olympic venues during the Olympics. NATO and the European Union also provided minor support, after Athens asked for co-operation.”
    Separate vehicles are pretty much SOP for VIP security.


  9. Ah, well I guess it makes some sense then. I have a habit of jumping to the wrong conclusion. I suppose it just seems excessive looking back because there weren’t targetted by terrorists after all.


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