Freaky weather and football

Last night I was in Boots with my middlie when she randomnly asked me if she could join a football team.  What?  My pink-loving, ballet-dancing follower of all things twee who just got a B for her Grade two ballet exam wants to play football!  Next she’ll be asking to join her brother’s rugby squad.  Luckily I managed to defer my answer because just at that moment there came from above an almighty noise which rose louder and louder till it became quite deafening and I thought to myself . . . oh, that must be Armageddon.  

It was just the rain.  The Boots store that we were browsing through has a roof that is built out of tin cans I think hence the clattering sounds of the great big raindrops. 

Then last night, the noise of the gale force winds kept me awake.  I fretted because we live in a three storey house and my daughters sleep on the top floor.  I couldn’t get the images out of my head of the roof blowing right off and taking my two girls with it.  I was close to waking them up and putting them in my bed, I can tell you.  Well my house is only two years old and has never been tested against such high winds.  When I eventually got to sleep I dreamt that I was on the car park outside Boots and the wind blew all my clothes off.  Eek!

My mind is a balloon. 

Well I was ill last night.  Had quite a fever.


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