Should Children be Encouraged to swear Allegiance to Queen and Country?

I’ve read many comments about this and apart from one or two patriotic supporters, there seems to be a general consensus that it’s a ludicrous idea.  So I guess I’m probably repeating what’s already been said but really, I just can’t see how a children’s pledge-of-allegiance to the Queen will boost ‘national pride’.  And I certainly can’t think of anything more undemocratic.

But what annoys me the most about this stunt is the suggestion that in this society of great childhood inequalities of the privileged and the poor, all our children should swear an allegiance to their very rich country and/or its extremely wealthy and rather remote Queen. 

Well I would never encourage my children to swear an allegiance to the Queen but maybe I’d briefly consider encouraging them to pledge allegiance to their country, but only if and when that country has . . .  

eradicated child poverty 

when it no longer sends child asylum-seekers back to grave danger

when it’s children-in-care are no longer let down, neglected or abused

when no child has to live in woefully poor housing 

when every child is given equal status and equal opportunity, ie,  level playing field   . . . .

Yes, perhaps when this great country starts to recognise the full right’s of its children and young people . . . when it tends to the welfare of every child equally, regardless of wealth, health, background or ability, maybe then, I will encourage my children to be proud of their country. 

Lordy, I might even entertain the idea of pledging an allegiance to my country myself when my country is no longer involved in illegal wars . . . when it isn’t covering up facts about rendition flights, when it has stopped its use of torture . . . and when our MP’s actually fulfill their own promises to serve us with integrity and truth instead of serving their own interests.

Now would you all please stand up for the National Anthem:


8 responses to this post.

  1. If the National Anthem were to be played over here in Croke Park in front of thousands of Irish people, I’d stand up no problem…

    But you know me, I LOVE and audience!


  2. I wouldn’t take such an oath of allegiance myself, so I’d be completely against my children being forced to. Mind you, they’re both big enough and ugly enough now to make up their own minds about such things. Perhaps one day they’ll move out and leave us in peace 😎


  3. Yes MissyL, I can picture it now. You doing your operatics to the whole of Ireland and lovin’ it.

    Pete, Your kids can’t possibly be ugly. Lol. You say that but you’ll miss them when they’ve gone.

    No, in all honestly I wouldn’t take such an oath either but I would like one or two reasons to be truly proud of my country.


  4. “Your kids can’t possibly be ugly”
    They have an inner ugliness that transcends their inherited dashing good looks and superficial charm 🙂
    “you’ll miss them when they’ve gone”
    No I won’t. They won’t miss me when I’m gone either.


  5. Lord Goldsmith did not think properly before saying what he did because the outcome of this proposal could be a nation-wide referendum at children’s levels on the feasibility of monarch.

    Feudal aspects of the olden Britain coming back to life?


  6. …feasibility of monarchy I meant to say. Sorry.


  7. Pete, yes I have detected a kind of gruff charm. And very charming it is too.

    Jose, good point. Yes, a children’s referendum on the Monarchy. That would be a twist in the saga, wouldn’t it. Lol.


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