How sinful are you?

Here’s a little topical test that I spotted on The Poor Mouth.

The Seven Deadly Sins

My results are below.  I can’t display them graphically because I can’t figure out how to paste the code (well I know how to copy and paste of course but WordPress doesn’t want to translate the code (probably just me not doing it right) ) :

Greed: Very Low  
Gluttony: Low  
Wrath: Medium  
Sloth: Low  
Envy: Medium  
Lust: Medium  
Pride: Low


7 responses to this post.

  1. My work computer has classed your link as ‘humour’ and won’t let me in ….. 😦


  2. Try again at home. We want to know how sinful you are Matthew. Teehehhe.


  3. Greed: Low
    Gluttony: Low
    Wrath: Low
    Sloth: Low
    Envy: Medium
    Lust: Very Low
    Pride: Very Low

    Ha ha

    I don’t believe my own answers!



  4. I tried but there were pertinent questions missing.


  5. I don’t believe my own results either. 😉


  6. Excusses! But yes, its not aiming to cover things scientifically. Just a bit of dangerous fun.


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