Tony Blair: Project Climate Deadlock

Gosh!  This guy is intent on sorting out all kinds of global woes since leaving Downing Street. 

As oxymoronic as it seems, he is a peace envoy for the Middle East.  And soon he is going to teach Yale students a thing or two about Faith and Globalisation which will complement the launch of his Tony Blair Faith Foundation later this year (the link to the TBFF is a bit empty as yet – well he is busy trying to save the world).

Anyway, now he’s tackling climate change with renewed zest.  I remember how passionate he was about the environment when he first became Prime Minister but he soon found out (or we did!) that it’s not so easy making unpopular decisions and keeping corporate lobbyists such as the CBI sweet too.  Yes, he was once ever-so-eager to tackle climate change but then he went a did a U-turn on nuclear power and agreed to a Trident replacement.  And the Stern report, he declared, was the most important government document on the future ever produced but unfortunately, the urgent action he said was needed never matched up to his rhetoric.

Now out of goverment, he says that the world needs a new global deal and that substantial cuts in emissions should be at the heart of that deal.  He is in Tokyo for a week of talks as part of the Breaking the Climate Deadlock initiative and is going to propose a 50% cut in emissions by 2050.

His speech can be read and heard here.  It all does sound very inspiring but rhetoric usually does.  I’m sure there’s nothing remotely self-serving about his Tokyo tour and I’m expecting a major breakthrough . . .


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  1. Yes, major breakthrough indeed. Is he planning on turning into an all fighting manga character …. That Japanese would like that.


  2. Lol. High kicks all round.

    I hope my sarcasm was obvious. I’d hate people to think I had confidence in the guy.


  3. Tony’s a man in a hurry, almost as busy as David Attenborough. One of his other ‘jobs’ is environmental advisor to Zurich Financial Services, the parent company of Eagle Star, who recently pulled out an old, rejected, planning application for a 12500 house greenfield development at Micheldever Station in Hampshire and resubmitted it as an eco-town proposal.


  4. Gosh! Blair is a potential catastrophe in everything he does. Watch out for his lies, will you?


  5. Pete, that’s interesting. The guy must be earning tons of dosh.

    EP, isn’t it that Blair believes he’s Jesus … ya know, the second coming and all that. Maybe that’s why he’s in a hurry. God has given him a mandate; ‘save earth or you’ll be hung by your willy Mr Blair’. (said in booming voice from above)

    [did I just type that …oh well, I was out late last night 🙂 )


  6. Pete, I do wonder what his motives are but he really does see himself as a very prominent and important public figurehead.

    Jose, yes, it’s hard to trust the man about anything at all now.

    Matt, lol. Hope you had a great night out. Well I don’t know about him having a Jesus delusion but he’s certainly deluded about his position of power in the world.


  7. “I do wonder what his motives are…”
    I’m sure he means well
    “…but he really does see himself as a very prominent and important public figurehead”
    I think that’s for the public to decide. He abandoned direct involvement in UK politics so he could ape his old mate Clinton B. and become a global mover and shaker; influence without responsibility. As soon as he did that his UK profile was inevitably diminished; I don’t think he has a ‘public’ as such any more.


  8. Pete, you’ve summed it up very well. It just grieves me to think of his lack of delivery on climate issues . . . and to know that he has simply walked away from the Iraq mess. He’s got away with it and now he is touring the globe, making speeches and meaning well. And being paid thousands and thousands for the privilege.

    That said, as much as I love to bash Blair, and let’s face it, there’s much to bash, I hope he succeeds in breaking the climate deadlock.


  9. “It just grieves me to think of his lack of delivery on climate issues”
    There’s always been a huge gap between Labour manifesto promises and delivery on environmental issues. But what irks me much more is the way that ‘the environment’ has been reduced to a single issue, climate change. Everyone’s doing it: the government, scientists, NGOs, the media. if you follow the mantra to its logical conclusion, we’ll all be living in a carbon neutral desert with just ants and cockroaches for company. The devaluation of holistic environmental thinking is the main legacy of the Blair era.


  10. Pete, you’re right of course. Everyone seems obssessive about reducing CO2 emissions and the wider environment gets forgotten.

    I’ve always argued that even if global warming didn’t exist, we are still abusing our planet, we are still destroying ecosystems and endangering species after species. It all, just as importantly, needs addressing.


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