David Knows Best

Sugar-coated David Cameron says he will double the numbers of Health Visitors in a bid to foster a family-friendly culture (remind me again – how many times has he accused Labour of state nannyism?)

He said the following in defence of showing a harmonious Family-Cameron breakfast moment on ITV:

“everyone feels they can’t cope any more with getting up at 4am . . . Everyone runs around in a panic in the morning getting the kids ready while making breakfast and ironing a shirt.”

Lordy!  That’s my family!  He’s been peeping through our window.

Our mornings can get hectic and Cameron’s breakfast panic scenario is often a reality in our house.  So basically, I am failing my kids because I don’t get up at 4am every morning to have breakfast ready on the table for them.  And society is falling apart because I rush around at the last minute cleaning shoes, looking for lost Geography homework, counting out the dinner money and rushing out of the door while shoving slices of toast into my kids mouths.

We do sit down and eat breakfast together sometimes but even then, my kids nearly always find something to squabble about.  Oh, and I certainly don’t wake up looking as good as the darling Mrs. Cameron looks first thing in the morning.

But seriously, does he honestly think that the families he trying to make more . . . . well, more family-like will actually relate to those scenes of his wholesome family eating cornflakes in their fresh and bright home with no financial worries to concern them?  Does he really believe that hard-up and weary parents will aspire to his enriched family life?  They’re much more likely to roll another ciggy, call him a tosser and switch over.

He really thinks his family is a shining example of true family values.  He puts his own children in front of the media circus and says this is “a perfectly natural thing to do” – that voters need to know a bit about him, his life and his family.  Well, what we do know is that he is a stunt-pulling narcissist who uses his own children to deliver his touchy-feely, agenda-laden messages.  As Gordon Brown rightly said, his kids didn’t choose to go into public life.

Interestingly enough, I hear the polls have shown that people tend to move away from the Tories when they’ve had children and so, according to this report, the Tory party has coincidentally adopted a kind of *embrace-the-family* strategy.  Some would argue that using his children to promote this strategy is a grossly exploitative maneuver.

But anyway, how is he going to fund all these policies?  Well, he’s trying the honesty tactic.  He says he won’t be able to give us tax cuts straightaway.  He also says he will take cash away from SureStart.  Now, we have yet to find out the long term success or otherwise of the SureStart projects but generally speaking they have already made a positive impact on families and communities and I’d hate to see Cameron jeopardise any further success by reducing funding.

Let’s have a look at a few more banalities from the dreary Cameron:

  • He wants children in class to stand up every time an adult walks in the room.
  • He wants us to respect our food.
  • He thinks that waving at us from husky-sleds in the Arctic will solve global warming.
  • He wants us to hug Hoodies.
  • He will give us baby nurses for all.
  • He will give married couples financial incentives to stay married.
  • He will put Britannia back on our coins.

See, these are the kind of things that stand out about him.  What’s that saying they have in politics . . . all spin and no substance?  It fits.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I understand how you feel and back you in your feelings because the same thing happens to me when one of these politicians dare to say publicly that they cannot make ends meet, as happens with the President of the Madrid Autonomous Community (Right) who earns three, I repeat three, salaries officially and “boasts” she cannot eke out a living. By the way she belongs to the Spanish Aristocracy.


  2. Yes, it’s nothing but an insult to genuinely poor citizens.

    If the President can’t make ends meet on her three salaries then she must be an extremmely shallow and materialistic person.


  3. I have called in on this location on many an instance now but this post is the 1st one that I have ever commented on.

    Congratulations on such a first-rate critique and site. I have found it to be very helpful and educational – I only wish that there were more blogs online like this one.

    I never disappear from this blog without learning anything, from time to time I may feel a tiny bit saddened that I may not agree with a blog article or comeback that has been made. But hey! that is existence and if every one decided to agree on the same thing what a boring old world we would exist in.

    Please maintain your admirable work.

    Having said all of this, and if I’m kindly allowed to continue with my entries I will come again to post on your blog site soon

    Cheers, have a great day and thank you.


  4. Oh, very clever!


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