Spring is here!

Would you believe it, today is the Spring Equinox.  Since I first started blogging, one of my favourite things to blog about has always been the changing of the seasons (even if I did repeat the same messages every time).  

The beginning of Spring is meant to bring hope, renewal, rebirth.  It is the time that we’re supposed to brush away the Winter blues, burst into new life and be overcome by the need to throw open the windows and throw off our layers.  Now is the time that we should brush away the negative energies, spring-clean our homes and our lives and start afresh. 

(you might want to look away now)

Well this week I’ve never felt less bloody optimistic.  The weather is crap.  The Earth is still perishing.  Humankind is still hellbent on a path of self-destruction.  No-one really wants to stop wars.  Children are still starving.  People are still being tortured.  Corrupt leaders are still leading.  Humans still have an abiding need to oppress the weak and the vulnerable and Human Rights simply means “I am right and you are wrong“.

What’s hopeful about a world where the media prioritises divorce settlements between aged ex-Beatle stars and needy gold-diggers over the murder trial of a teenage boy accused of savagely killing a lovely young girl in a brutal and totally unprovoked attack, just because he thought she was a goth?

Same old cycle, year after year.  Nothing changes.

Where’s the outrage?


6 responses to this post.

  1. Oh wait… not so fast. Heres me with the Never say Die attitude for a change. Thats it, there is change, only the media doesnt make it a priority to write about it.. I know, the way I think about the world as changed, I know a few others who have also changed, we may not make an Impact worthy of News but we do our miniscule parts to add to miniscule changes. Did we teach our kids something NEW that will add to the changes they could affect in the world? Did we do something that means Good Health?

    I try to remember the serenity prayer.. although there are times when I change the last part to –

    “Lord/God/whoever you are, help me keep my peace, so it might spill over to those around me… and if you cant do that, could you make sure I am alone so I dont kill someone”

    Sending you some cybersunshine to brighten up your day.


  2. Hey MySoul, you are a breathe of sunshine. Thank you.

    The media thinks that celebrity divorce cases are more important than violent crime. If it doesn’t get reported by the mainstream media, we remain unaware and can’t do anything about it.


  3. Best thing to do is to get involved with your local community/area somehow EP. That way you can see yourself making a difference. Did the Good Samaritans mission move forward? If it didn’t there are plenty of other things to get involved in. 🙂


  4. I have just completed the training course with the Sams and I will soon be going live so to speak. Maybe that’s been getting to me a bit too . . . all the despair. We’ll see.

    Thanks for the support Matt.


  5. Good to hear you have stuck it out EP. Never an easy option for volunteering so it’s expected that it would be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Just remember, you’re helping people leave the darkness behind and giving them strength. That can make you feel better, if you see what I mean.


  6. Good advice Matty. Thanks.


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