Tales from the East

My belly-dance teacher is on the road.  It’s her daughter’s gap year and they’re both travelling the world (well, some of it) for six months.  They are keeping a journal of sorts and they email little snippets every week which would be very interesting if only the envy would stop blinding me. 

Earlier this month they were in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  They visited the War Remnant Museum (apparently, the locals call the Vietnam war the American war) and were shocked and sickened by the images they saw.  Agent orange has certainly left it’s legacy.  They told me kids are still being born with terrible deformities and the landmines are still injuring people, with many amputees being reduced to begging on the streets.  It’s hard, she said, not to feel completely anti-American.

This week they were in Delhi, getting jiggy with the locals and taking part in some Punjabi dancing with a local family which they said was . . . “ banging and the food was great.”  They also went to see the Taj Mahal which was every bit as impressive as the photo’s.  Tomorrow they are going to an elephant farm.  They met a couple of art students today, whose family happened to own an elephant farm.  They wangled an invitation and tomorrow they are going to visit the farm to see the forty elephants and a four-month old calf – after which they will join the family for dinner, watch a game of elephant polo and join the festivities for the start of the Holi festival.


Anyhoo,  I’m looking forward to their next journal entry.  It’s almost as good as being there . . . without the cockroaches.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Talking of Vietnam and Agent Orange, it might seem a dream by now to many people, but it is a dream with sequels which the Americans today should know and see for themselves.

    It might greatly influence the outcome of the elections…


  2. Yes, American governments have certainly left a lasting legacy in many places around the world. So has the UK. We just keep getting away with it.


  3. […] 20, 2008 by earthpal My belly-dance teacher has returned from her travels and has come back with itchy feet. Her adventures in the East have unsettled her so much that she […]


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